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Full Name: NHU NAM Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Establishment: July-08-2009

Address: 1-11 Apartment 79B, Pham Viet Chanh, 19 Ward, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Tel: (08) 3938.1244

Fax: (08) 3938.1245

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.nhunam.com.vn

Founded in 2009, Import and Export Co., Ltd. NHU NAM constantly expanding and developing into one of the leading import and export of fishery products.

Nhu Nam Company has a team of employees who worked long years, skilled. Also, Nhu Nam has established an intimate relationship, long-term with breeding farms and fishing firms, providing fresh products, quality and reasonable price as:

- Pangasius : Pangasius fillet, pangasius HGT, pangasius steak, pangasius fin, pangasius head, pangasius surimi

- Crustaceans: Black tiger, white vanamei, cat tiger, scampi

- Bivalve mollusks: White clam, yellow clam, blood cockle...

- Cephalopod mollusk: Octopus - Cuttle fish - Squid - Poulp squid

- Freshwater fish: Sole fish, red tilapia, barramundi fish fillet, Keo fish,...

- Marine fish: Tuna, Indian mackerel, pomfret, sting ray,...

- Fishing baits: Horeshoe crab, round scad...

- Dried or salted seafood products: Salted baby shrimp, salted pangasius stomach, dried baby shrimp, dried pangasius bladder, dried anchovy,..

- Agricultural products & others: Pangasius fishmeal, pangasius fishoil, pangasius skin, pupae silk worm, dried pumpkin, red hot chili, cane pulp pellet.

Strategic export markets mainly: EU, U.S., Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand ......

Nhu Nam with new equipment and modern 100% to help meet food safety requirements - the problem is most concerned at present.

Favorable from the objective conditions and subjective above-said are the foundation and development for Nhu Nam the future. Our company will try to respond better to the needs of our customers and will be partners ensure credibility and quality to our customers.